Hey Mark,

I don't know what to say...I'm so impressed! I love the lay out, the bar on the side that doesn't change with each page, the testimonials, the bar across the top. It seems so much easier to navigate than my site now. You are very good at what you do. I really appreciate you making this for me, now I know what I have been missing.

Thanks again,

Erin McGinn

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My name is Mark Gottwald. My main specialty is in helping my clients to achieve their business goals by using the power of the internet and Direct Response Website Design.

Phew, that was a mouthful huh?

Anyway, I’d like to give you the scoop on me by giving you some background info…

So let’s re-wind.

Starting back in 1995-96 I had my first experience with a computer. It was a Pentium 166MHz CPU with 16 megs of ram. What a monster of a computer huh? If I remember correctly it cost roughly $5000 just for the computer, monitor and I also got a printer with it.

Anyway, about a month after the purchase I bought “top-of-the-line” internet access. You remember, You had to wait a couple of minutes for the dial-up to connect.

Then get disconnected for no reason!

When I did connect, it was usually at a blazing speed of around 28.8Kb a second. Compare that to the 30MB a second I have now…Did I mention that I love FIOS? 🙂

So after a while I started dabbling, with this thing called the internet, and got to looking into these “web design firms”.  At the time these companies were charging astronomical prices of around $6000 just for a couple of pages of web design.


So I set out to make my first website and give those big boy’s some competition. I’d have to say though that my first creation was…

UGLY! By today’s standards anyway…

But after many, many trial and error sessions it came out OK! It had spinning lights and moving marquees in it with cartoonish graphics. Remember that was the “IN” thing back in 90’s websites? Take a look at what Yahoo used to look like here. Pretty awful and that was YAHOO! I wonder what they paid for web design back then? Hmmmm…

Fast Forward a couple of years.

I went and purchased the latest and greatest web page editor to create my websites.

The end result?

I got better 🙂 .

So then I started looking into this new trend called “Search Engine Optimization” and “Internet Marketing”.

That is where the fun started for me. Trying to get the websites that I created to the top of the “Serps”(Search Engine Results Pages). This was back a few years ago around 2002 or so.

It was tough going at first trying to learn everything, but started seeing great results!

Fast Forward again to just a couple of years ago…


Those darn new things called “Blogs” were being used. All of my hard work and effort getting to the top of the search engines were pretty much outdated!


Because times had changed and The Search Engines just loved blogs. And they still do by the way! Blogs can go to the top of the “Serps” with just a few correct “Meta tags” and other “insider tricks”.

I wont bore you with the details, but I had to re-think my strategies and options.

……Present Day……

I learned to use those things that I hated so. Those darned “Blogs”.

And what do you suppose happened?

I simply fell in love with them! And so did my clients.

Why did my clients fall in love with them?

Well here’s just one reason.

Because my clients can update their website fast. I mean really fast. All without even knowing what “coding” is…

For example, If you are running a 10% off special that you just need to put in front of your clients, Just turn on your computer, log in to the website and type in your offer. Bam. It’s up on your website within minutes.

The cost to you – $0.00. Try that with traditional advertising.

Pretty sweet huh?

So anyway, that’s my story…

If you would like to see if your business qualifies for the offer on my home page, then just contact me before your competition does 😮

Thanks for reading,

Mark Gottwald

P.S.- Remember, my offer for $597 won’t last long.  So contact me today! If the price has gone up since you’ve read this and you didn’t act, I told ya!


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