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I don't know what to say...I'm so impressed! I love the lay out, the bar on the side that doesn't change with each page, the testimonials, the bar across the top. It seems so much easier to navigate than my site now. You are very good at what you do. I really appreciate you making this for me, now I know what I have been missing.

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Erin McGinn

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Is your website Ranked on the first page of Google?

If not – you are losing money, plain and simple!

Right now people – in your area – are searching the Internet for a business just like yours. Did you know that?

Did you know that the Internet is rapidly replacing the Yellow Pages when customers search for local businesses? Don’t you think you should Let those customers find YOU – instead of your competition?

If you want to thrive in today’s troubled times, you need to be noticed. Right? So you need a good website that ranks high in the S.E.R.P.’s And not just any old website will do either.

You need a Direct Response Website that will:

  • Turn potential customers into brand new Paying Customers
  • Bring back your existing customers for more
  • Put YOUR business in front of targeted clients
  • Have high conversion rates
  • This list can go on and on and o…

A direct response website is a tool that can make Your Business Money in a whole variety of ways. If your website is not producing this type of result or, worse yet, if you don’t even HAVE a website, you are losing money plain and simple.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Plumber, Carpenter, Restaurant Owner, Hair Stylist, Dog Groomer or an Accountant. Customers expect you to have a web presence and you shouldn’t have to lose those customers when getting a website that tops the Search Engines is so Inexpensive and Easy!

Imagine how it would feel to have 20 new customers coming in every day from an online marketing weapon that is set up for you on auto-pilot. That’s why…

Your Business Needs To Be Ranked On The Front Page Of The Search Engines!

This is a problem for many small businesses. They have a friend, relative or even get a web designer to build them a website, but then they don’t help at all with the marketing of it! You could have the greatest site in the world, but if nobody can find it, it’s not going to do you much good!

So I design your site from the beginning to rank high in the search engines and that is going to get you more business.

Take a look at just one of my client websites. Out of over 5 MILLION results relating to Restaurants in her area, the site is ranked #1 in Yahoo…

Yahoo Results For Margherita's Restaurant

And a GOOGLE Search?..

Google Results

Those are real results!

Think of that warm feeling you’ll get when you count out that extra cash each day and know it’s all net profit that you can spend on you and your family.

That’s what Carmel Website Design can do for you!!

I will build you a Custom Direct Response Website from scratch or Re-Design your existing site and turn it into a Marketing Website that leaves your competition scratching their heads saying “how’d they Do THAT”!

Is there a Web Design package that includes everything I need for my new Direct Response Website to be successful?

Glad you asked! – If you Go with the Total Package, Everything you need is included:

  • A Powerful Domain Name That is also easy to remember$75 Value

I will carefully select the right domain name for the type of business you are in. If you are a Contractor in Carmel or a Pet Store in Patterson, you want to have a website address that is easy to remember and emphasizes the services you perform and the areas you work in.

This allows you to add your website address to all of your printed material such as your business cards, invoices and brochures. Having your website address on all of your printed material is going to give current and potential customers more information about your company and help you stay in front of them!

  • I will also host your website for you for one whole year!$175 Value

I host all of my client sites on state of the art servers with plenty of capacity. You will be given a user name and password so that you can check your email and website statistics. If you don’t have Internet access, just let me know, and I can fax or email you your monthly statistics!

  • An Informative Website Designed To Showcase Your Business and Bring In New Customers.$1500 Value

I will design your site from the start to attract new customers and it will be something to really be proud of.

One of the nicest things about a website is that you aren’t limited by space restrictions so you can really showcase your business. Your website will have an attractive, and easy to navigate layout that features your company information, how to contact you, the services you offer, and can have pictures of your business, products and staff.

Your new website can also include customer testimonials, links to other sites and any other information you would like. Your website can also feature a contact form that allows you to stay in touch with your clients and can really flood your business with new customers.

What will truly make your website special is the fact that it will be ranked at The Very Top of The Search Engines and that is going to give you more visibility, more customers and more profits!

  • You can also get One Full Year of Internet Marketing$2500 ValueOptional

I want you to get off to an amazing start with your new website, so i can also Actively Market your website for the Next Twelve Months.

By doing this you will have a constant flow of new customers throughout the year. I will submit your website to all of the top Search Engines and Directories, and I will constantly monitor and adjust your listings throughout the year to guarantee top rankings in your area.

This is not a ‘one-time’ job for me. I take pride in each and every single site I create for my clients.

  • You can also get a Powerful E-Mail Marketing System – $1200 ValueOptional

Optionally, you can get a complete marketing system to advertise to your current and future client base. This will allow you to E-Mail your Client base and actively Market To those customers Forever!

I cannot stress enough how powerful this is! I know a guy named Jonathan Leger, a young man who sold a simple report for $7 and not only did he make $3000 in a week, he also brought in over 400 targeted customers that he could offer his higher priced products to because he had their email address.

I am not talking about Spamming your clients with unwanted E-Mails. This is permission based E-Mail that your customers have actually asked you to send.

Now, I don’t know if you will make $3000 in one week, but imagine having an email list of over 400 targeted people who already bought one of your products/services.

Don’t you think a few of them would buy again? And Again…

Can You Afford To stay in business Without A Direct Response Website?

The main reason that holds most people back from having their website built in the first place is – the Cost of building it. But it doesn’t have to be that way if it is used properly. Your site should pay for itself within a few months time and then anything above that is pure profit that you can put right back into your pocket!

The best part is that you get to Use your very own marketing website FOREVER!

So here is my offer to you……

Can you believe that for less than the price of a Newspaper Ad or Yellow Page Ad, you can OWN a website that will be online and marketing your business 24 hours a day 365 days a year?

There are a ton of Web Design and Marketing firms out there charging well over $10,000 just for a Copy-Written Sales letter website. So I could have priced this at around $8000 and it would’ve been a STEAL. But It’s not even half of that at $4000. Or half of THAT at $2000.

FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME You can get your Direct Response Marketing Website for as low as $997!

So, depending on what package you want, you can opt for the Direct Response Website and do the marketing yourself for just $997. Get the Website/Marketing package for $1997, Or you can opt for the total package with everything listed above for only $2497.

So to recap, The package deals are:

1. The Direct Response Website(Includes up to 5 pages-Home, About, Products Page, Contact, Testimonials) – $997

2. The Direct Response Website with Marketing for 1 whole year(Includes Everything in the website package, plus getting ranked on the first page of the search engines) – $1997

3. The total package comes with everything listed above(Includes everything in the Website package, Marketing package and you get the E-mail marketing system) – $2497

For such a low investment can you really afford to miss out on this opportunity?

You will get a Complete, Copy-written, Profit Churning, Direct Response driven site that is at the top of the Search Engines. It can help turn your business into a goldmine in today’s tough market for less than the price of a single full-page yellow book ad.

And remember, you get to use your website FOREVER!

You need to grab this offer as soon as you can… This is An EXTREMELY Limited-Time Offer

I’m sure you hear that a lot, but it’s the absolute truth and there are two reasons for this…

First – I can only work with one of each kind of business in a particular Town. I cannot have, for example, 3 Construction Clients because each one would want to be #1 in the search engines.

That means just one Restaurant, Carpenter, Plumber, Chiropractor, Law Office, Dog Groomer, etc. PER TOWN.

Second – Once I have a high enough percentage of long term, highly valuable clients to be profitable, I will end this offer forever and the price will go back to what it should be.

So do you want to have a major advantage in your business?

If you said yes then you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity right away – Before Your Competition Does!

Getting started is really easy.

To see if your business qualifies, just give me a call at 1(914)482-8015 or Go to my Contact Page and fill out the form. If your business qualifies, I’ll just need to see your business card, sales material, pictures, customer testimonials and any other information you would like included on your site.

If you would like to email your pictures or marketing material, send them to Sales{AT}Carmelwebsitedesign{DOT}com.

By using this information, I’ll be able to build you an amazing direct response website that will not only get your business noticed, but bring in all those New Customers and Increase your Profits as well! All you have to do is Contact me before your competition does.

If that happens, it’ll be too late for you!

I’d hate for you to miss out and this is my rock-solid Money-Back Guarantee…

Money Back Guarantee

Starting at only $997 and with my Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee this is an absolute steal.

Just Contact me today and you will have your very own Highly Ranked, Highly Visible, Money Making Website.


Mark Gottwald

Mark Gottwald

P.S. – Remember, once I have a high enough percentage of long term, highly valuable clients to be profitable I will end this offer Forever and the price will go back up! So Contact Me today!


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